Optical Brightener Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter in India

Omniscient International is Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of the finest quality Optical Brightener in India. The product is used for paper, plastic, textile, paints, detergent, ink, and many more industries.

What is Optical Brightener?

Optical Brightener Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter

Optical Brightener or Optical brightening agents (OBAs), also known as fluorescent brightening agents (FBAs), are chemical compounds that give whitening effect to Paper, Fabric, Detergent etc. They do this by absorbing light in the ultraviolet and violet region and re-emit the light in the blue region. This blue light reduces the yellow color of the substrate and give a brightened look. Unlike bleaching, it doesn’t leave a yellowish thing and gives a much pleasing whiter-than-white appearance. Such a property sets optical brightening agents apart and makes it a much coveted thing in industries such as Textiles, Plastics, Paper, and Cosmetics.

For Paper Industry

We all want our papers to be as white as possible, don’t we? Well, that’s where optical brightening agents come in. The raw material of paper often consists of impurities such as snippets of bamboo sticks and wood. These impurities dampen the brightness of the paper and that’s why this sector creates a lot of opportunity for optical brightening agent manufacturers.

We have various Whitening Agent Optical Brightener Available for a Paper application like:

OBA Type Form
220 Powder and Liquid
264 Liquid
24 Powder
253 Liquid
28 Powder
154 Liquid
28 Powder

So, Omniscient International is there for meeting all your requirements of Optical Brighteners for Paper industry. It can be in powder and liquid form. These are the various uses:

  • Whitening of Paper Pulp
  • Coating
  • Surface Gluing
Why Preferred for Paper Industry?

There are many ways to impart brightness to paper. For example, HYP bleaching is a way. However, the process is very expensive as compared to using Optical Brightening Agent. Therefore, it preferred over other methods. Even more, it is using for enhancing brightness.

Few Precautions:

These are some precautions you need to follow while using it for the paper industry.

  • The brighteners can cause some serious problems when contacted with skin. So, don’t forget to wear hand gloves and an apron.
  • Look at the instructions label and strictly follow them to avoid any accidents.
  • Wash your hands after the work gets over.

For Textile Industry

Significant usage of the OBAs is in the textile industry where every cloth needs to be bleached before being processed as the raw material is full of impurities that come from pesticides, dust stuck to the fabric while transportation. And in fabrics sourced from animals impurities like animal fats, secretions, etc. need to be removed. However, bleaching doesn’t offer complete whitening, which leads to the necessary usage of Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs).

We have various Whitening Agent Optical Brightener Available for a Textile application like:

OBA Type Form
199 Liquid
220 Powder & Liquid
264 Liquid
24 Powder
253 Powder & Liquid
28 Powder
154 Liquid
28 Powder
263 Liquid
351 Liquid
134 Powder

For Detergent Industry

The biggest requirement of OBAs is in whitening the clothes and therefore, it’s no surprise that the detergent industry is the largest user of fluorescent brighteners. As we all have experienced, clothes lose their natural whiteness over the course of time. That’s where optical brighteners come in not just to protect that whiteness, but also to enhance it by converting low-density colors to the ones with higher density.

Omniscient International manufactures and exports Optical Brightener for the detergent industry. It is used in detergents to give the clothes a very clean look.

We have various Whitening Agent Available for Detergent application like:

OBA Type Form
351 Powder and Liquid
71 Powder
28 (A) Powder

How does it work?

When the product added, they convert the UV light into visible light. Due to this, fiber reflects a high amount of visible light making it look brighter. Every yellowish color present on the cloth will vanish because of the blue-violet tinge.

The chemical compounds used in the manufacturing process is trade secret. The chemical agents are also very complex.

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