About Us

About Us

Omniscient International is a REACH Certified and RoHS Certified manufacturer and Supplier of various chemicals for PAPER Industry, For Detergent Industry and for Textile Industry. Our product portfolio includes
Range of Optical Brighteners, Sizing Agents, Wet / Dry Strength Resins, Fixing Agent / Coagulants for Paper Industry, Optical Brighteners for Detergent Industry and Textile Industry, Dyes & Pigments, Ultramarine
Blue Pigments, Master batches, and many more. Our company was established in 2010 in the Gujarat – Western part of India.


We are immensely famous for the quality of chemical products such as Optical Brightener, Sizing Agent, Wet Strength Resins and Fixing Agent / Coagulants at an affordable price. The company’s 3D (Dedication,
determination, and Devotion) helps it to make one of the best chemical products supplier and exporter globally.

Mission & Vission

Omniscient strive to be our customers’ worldwide, first-choice by providing intimacy and best-value chemical solutions. We are committed to flawless execution and to achieve leadership in the markets in which we
compete. Also, we are constantly updating and improving quality of products, identifying new solutions to complex problems, striving to reduce customer lead times and evaluating how we can better serve you.

Our Qualities

Standard Quality Raw Materials

We use the standard quality raw material to make the final product more strong and qualitative.

Quality Assurance

Quality Control is conducted in every process of our products. We perform tests on our products regularly with the relevant types of equipment.


Perfection is impossible, but continual pursuit of perfection is dedication that few will pursue.

Effective & Reliable Packaging

We have highly advanced machinery to make product packaging more secure and indestructible.

Wide Customer Base

Today, the company proudly states the large number of clients who are completely satisfied and loyal towards the brand. The products have been exported to various nations worldwide.

Reputation in the Market

We build a nice reputation in the worldwide market through high-quality product supply and services.